Friday, June 11, 2010

cafe world . :)

Today entry nak ctew pasal cafe world (game dlm facebook) . Almost everyday aku main cafe world nih , obses gilee sbb entah laa best laa . kite masak ikot limit mase yang dia bagi , ade yang sampai 2 hari laa aha . then ley decorate our cafe cntik2 . nih hahhh aku nak tunjuk cafe world aku punyer ewahh .

This is the fun and fantastic game that we can spend our time by running our own virtual cafe .

Sumpah best sgt , boleh visit neighbour ngk dorang punyer tempat , cun2 je kan . jeyles je aku nengok2 bnde nih .

i have more than 50+ neighbour kat cafe world . sow just add me as your neighbour here .

Learn the tricks and secret how to level up your cafe world more faster plus gain the buzz rating to 105.0 . Get million coins and cook the food that can help you to level up cafe world more faster ! haha , aku nih mmg laa obses gilee laa .

kalau msuk uitm nnti sah2 aku akan rindu cafe world nih , takde mse nak masak2 huwaaa . taknak semua orang potong aku huwaaa . muahhhxxx